Contracting With Me

Whether you need indexing or help with metadata or organizing your information with controlled vocabularies, I'm here to help. 

 Each contract will be negotiated according to the material to be covered.  Please contact me to discuss details.

 Why Hire a Professional Indexer?

 Why Hire a Professional Indexer?

Although it's true that the author knows their material and text the best, a pair of fresh eyes will make a huge difference in creating an index that serves the reader.  A professional indexer reads through the text, pulling out appropriate headings and subheadings and arranging entries with the needs of your readers in mind.  Multiple access points are the key to finding information and the indexer will therefore double post entries and create cross-references as needed.  The needs of your readers can be more difficult to discern when you are the expert on your subject.

While a computer can quickly pull out all instances of particular words (which you would need to determine and input), a program cannot so easily replace the mind of the indexer that relates different topics and weaves together the more subtle concepts in your text.  Readers are looking for more value in an index than a simple word list with multiple pages to flip to.

Your readers want to find the information they're looking for in the simplest, most efficient way.  Professional indexers are best equipped to provide that for them.

For more information on indexing practices and why to hire a professional indexer,
see the FAQ about indexing on the American Society for Indexing webpage

Subject Areas

Areas of Focus

I have a general interest in all subjects, so please reach out to me regardless of the subject matter of your text. However, I have a special interest in the following: 

Science (especially Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Life Sciences, Natural History)

Nature & Animals

Body, Mind, & Spirit

Family (parenting)

Social Sciences (Folklore & Mythology, Women, LGBTQ+)


Children's Books


Book Indexing

Each index is priced on a per project basis and the final cost depends on the complexity and density of the text, depth of the index desired, and time and space constraints. Therefore, rates may range from $2.50/per page for simple or large text with only a few entries needed per page to over $7.00/page for dense and complex material requiring more than 10 entries per page.  Cost will be determined when a sample of the book is provided.

The following rates are typical ranges:

Trade Books (general audiences):  $3.50-$5.00/page

Children's Books:  $2.50-$3.50/page

Textbooks:  $4.50-$6.00/page

Scholarly Works: $5.00-$7.50/page

Note that the indexable pages of a book are primarily the main body of the text and usually do not include forewords, introductions, dedications, glossaries, appendices, or bibliographies unless specifically requested.  Also, if separate indexes are required (author, subject, etc) there will be an extra fee.

Other factors that may impact the final cost:

Indexing Other Materials 

Non-book indexing such as daily content, newsletters, other periodicals, webpages, audio, video, etc:  Determined on a case by case basis and may be either flat rate or hourly.

Please contact me to discuss the details of your project.

Other Information Organization

Metadata/Taxonomy/Controlled Vocabulary Work:  Determined on a case by case basis. 

Please contact me to discuss the details of your project.

 Each contract will be negotiated according to the material to be covered.  

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